About Time during the wedding day:

So many people ask how much time is needed to get photos.  For what it is worth first we never try to influence your decision on time, how much or the lack thereof.  In addition whether to see each other before the ceremony or not is a decision we will not make.  What we can do is provide you information about what we have seen in the several hundred weddings we have been a part of.  One thing we have noticed is that couples who see each other before have always expressed that they are thankful they did.  As a matter of fact we have never heard anyone say we wish we did not see each other before.  This is especially a good idea when the reception immediately follows the ceremony.  

So to answer, yes, we need time but how much is really up to whether you would like great photos or incredible photos. When we have time to survey, compose and create the images turn out so much better and really this is how you are going to remember your wedding day once the flowers have died and food is gone.  It is true that we are some of the fastest photographers and people we have photographed typically appreciate that.  Anyway for what it is worth thanks for reading.

Craig & Bonnie Butler 

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