Who will shoot our girl’s Weddings?

Funny we are asked quite often who will do our daughter’s wedding imagery. As the joke goes I will have a fear factor camera strapped to my head as I walk them down the aisle. But, because we are so passionate about what we do, in reality, who would we use?  And in all honesty I think it will be difficult finding someone that shoots similar to us.  This is also the question I am sure each and every couple are faced with who are newly engaged.  Everyone seems to want Incredible one of a kind photos but do they want every photo to be photoshopped? Will the photographers / videographers be able to capture real photos (unretouched) to actually document the way they looked that day and provide a perfect balance between those family groupings, great traditional photos of the couple, and individually as well as having an artistic flair actually somewhat similar to what we do. As with every couple, we feel there needs to be a perfect balance as well as having someone that is enjoyable to be around.  We do have a few years before they are ready for marriage but since we are so passionate about our imagery we have thought about it quite often and I guess it has made us more empathetic to the needs of our couples and families.

Thanks for reading,

Craig & Bonnie

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