Computers – MacBookPro

I have to apologize if you had emailed me in the last few days and I had not replied but yes the MacBookPro I live and die by has decided to take a dump!  As I write this, it is being deployed to Houston for a new Motherboard.  As most of you know we are so anal in backing up and preserving your images; I do not go to sleep until there are three backups of the raw images including one in the fire proof safe.  Well following our Saturday wedding and completing the backups I finally got to bed.  Sunday morning I was excited to review the images and begin the editing process only to find the MacBookPro was dead (don’t worry Janice & Andrew and Katie & Tom those incredible images we captured are safe!).  

So to make a long story short It may take a few extra days to get the images over to the other computer extracted and finished but they will be coming.


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