Computer Updates: Finally resolved

Well based on the last post you all had been aware of the computer issues I was going through.  So I am glad to report we are pretty much resolved and just in time for the weddings this weekend.  As a reference the computer is just 14 months old (yes I purchased the extended warranty but just before the end of the first year).  Low and behold the motherboard, flexible circuitry, hard drive and ram all failed.  I insist it is because of the “smokin” images we have been producing Bonnie is not buying it though.  Anyway Apple was great and in true Apple fashion the computer was ready 4 days before the date they said it would be (you have to love that).

If you have a MAC and want to avoid the reconfiguration nightmares make sure to get a Software like “super duper” and then backup regularly. And because of the constant backup we do and multiple archiving we experienced zero images lost (I know sometimes we are pretty anal)!


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