What’s Important?

Our August 30th and 31st weddings and then the Sunday broadcast of Joel Osteen really opened my eyes. It’s not the ceiling fan or the emergencies at the receptions (while those were very impactful) its the value and impact photography and videography can play on our lives.  We have always realized the importance of what we do and ultimately the images we produce. But, at the MacAlpine House there were generations of wedding photos lining the staircase.  At first glance I thought that is pretty cool but  then it hit home – these images were their history on a day not unlike this day, captured for all eternity to be enjoyed for generations to come.  Unlike a Picaso in which it is the person that basically determined the elevated value compared to art created by just about anyone, these are the memories held by the families they are apart of.  To all the families we work with they are more valuable than a famous piece of art, they are who we are and how we and our future generations will view themselves in years to come.  This is why we put such importance on the way we do things, the images we capture and the fact you will enjoy your wedding experience with us. From the comments we have received from our past couples and families, these will be the images you will cherish. It’s not about us being arrogant or that we can do something no one else can it is the shear fact that this is how you will remember your day. 

We always get emails from couples that visited us saying we loved your work and would love you to capture our day but you are a little out of our price range. Yes we are not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive but considering the importance of your imagery to you do you want to take a chance?  There is a reason why we are consistently rated as one of the top photographers in the area and that extra amount, what ever it may be, in 20 year will not even be remembered.  But those images can live on forever.

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