Photography Information – Media Cards

Everyweek we have people ask us about photography (oddly enough).  So I thought I would take an opportunity to help out if you are concerned or interested in Photography.

First subject is Media Cards.  This could be thumb drives, compact flash card or any other type of media that is used to capture photos or store information.  

Question posed: I was reading one of the popular technology magazines recently and are all media cards created equally?  

Answer:  No.  It’s like anything there are various levels of cards from consumer quality to professional quality.  The main differences are quality of the components used in the manufacturing process, weather sealing and read and write speed.  

To properly answer whether you need to lay down the big bucks for a decent / professional card depends on your usage.  If you are just copying a document from one computer to another most likely you do not need the quality of a professional card.  If you are capturing your child’s memories or doing photography professionally and you count on having these photos you may want to purchase a professional level card such as SanDisk Extreme III or Extreme IV (Extreme Cards are all we use) or Lexar Professional cards.  You never want to be in the situation where your card became corrupted and your images are unrecoverable.

We, as professionals, find that time is precious and the transfer speeds are important to us.  In addition the professional cards are usually warrantied for the life of the owner (incredible I know).  

So next time you see a 1GB drive on sale for $6.99 you may want to pass it up.


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