Best of The Knot – What does it mean

These days I find myself picking up the computer and beginning a blog post but not finishing it, really about anything that is going on.  One of the things some people have been asking about is the Best of the Knot.  So I thought I would mention what it means to us and how it comes about.  First it is not because we advertise on the Knot.  It is based on a survey The Knot sends out to all Brides that are registered on The Knot shortly after their wedding.  It asks about all the people that were a part of the wedding including the photographers. Only those that receive the best survey replies are considered for the “Best of”.  

Since its inception in 2007 we have been consistently given high marks by the couples who use us.  This means so much to us as you have seen in past posts about “Thank you notes” we received and “your referrals”.

What does this mean to you?

In these days of uncertainty we are here for you. Bonnie and I both guarantee we will provide the best in the industry.  We also realize that your money means more to you than ever.  We also realize that the temptation to cut on your wedding imagery and or portraits is a very real possibility, one that could mean whether you look back on your wedding as a good experience or one you can barely relive.  This past week we had heard from several brides looking for $1000 photographers that will burn a cd at the end of the night and be done.  

Is photography a commodity where the cheapest is just as good as what we would provide?

Those of you that know of couples that went the bargain route, after seeing your photos know that if the bargain brides had the chance to do over, they would and obtain quality photography.  Personalities are so important, responding is important, getting the photos you want is important and doing it in a way that is enjoyable the day of your wedding is important.  

In addition to these points what is the difference that you may or may not realize?

What you hopefully have realized is Bonnie and I are passionate about what we do!  We want to obtain something totally incredible and unique and creative to your wedding each and every time we go out.  We also want to create lighting in any given situation that is soft and natural and again as everyone always says about us you will enjoy having us there.

In a lack of some monumental closing all we can say is thank you everyone who had taken part in the survey and believed in us.  As we have said so many times you mean the world to Bonnie and I and we will do everything we can for you and your images an incredible and enjoyable experience!

Craig & Bonnie

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