Bonnie and I had been talking quite a bit about the advent of photojournalism and how great it is to capture real moments and expressions; to tell the story of the day.  What we have also noticed is while many of these images are part of the couples main album most people do not order these images.  As a matter of fact most re-orders are in the form of “nice” / traditional photos of the families.  While Bonnie and I had discussed this several times in the past it became very apparent this past weekend at our wedding with Melissa and Don.  We had several comments on what a great job we were doing (we do really appreciate hearing it) but it was never more apparent until Melissa’s sister in law (who was married just a month or so earlier) mentioned that there was not a lot of the family photos taken and the one’s that were ended up being totally unstructured.  As many of you who have used us know we are not big on Traditional photos but we realize that these are the backbone or bread and butter of any event.  We know that “Mom and Dad” have invested hundreds of thousands of Dollars into their children and they want to see nice smiling images of their investment! 

Yes posed / traditional images are a necessary evil but provide a balance to all the images we capture throughout the day.

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