Story behind the Photo – 20th September 2008

Ryan and Ana as you may remember had a very interesting set of photos on the blog with heavy moving equipment.  Bonnie and I were actually thinking of using one for our next advertisement. Anyway whenever we look back at photos (usually during our initial meetings with brides and grooms) what people usually don’t realize is there is a story behind every story.  Since we are so personally involved I often find myself talking about these story’s and what we had realized is it makes those photos more than just photos but our and the couples memories.  So I thought it would be very neat to go back and talk about a few of the photos and their stories:

Ryan and Ana were really open for anything and really looking for something different in their wedding imagery.  Obviously we love couples who allow us to be creative and even allow us to give input in where to take photos.  Knowing the Riverview and Trenton area well (I grew up in Riverview) I knew there was a lot of industrial on West Jefferson.  Driving down the road we happened to notice somewhat of a broken down old building from the road and saw a drive that seemed to lead up to it.  We missed the road and ended up taking a few photos on the train tracks and a concrete heap.  Driving back the other way we took the road but could not find how to get to the building and ended up in an old machinery grave yard. After a couple of photos Ryan just picks Ana up and throws her up on one of the earth movers.  Outside of Ana’s screams Ryan obviously did not hear Bonnie or I saying “no that’s OK”.  Ryan wanted different and he got it. It actually has become one of our most talked about photos.  Anyway after we did that photo Ryan looked over at the Cab of another earth mover and said something to the effect of Ana in the driver’s seat. I am kind of glad that one did not work out as we probably would have ended up in the Hospital as there were some many hornets swarming the cab.

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