Story behind the Photo – 27th June 2008

I know that this is somewhat of a reprise from a June post but again it is one of the most talked about photos we have.  This photo is probably one of my favorite of all time. It is very reminiscent of Marcus Bell (one of my favorite photographers).  I was shooting this wedding by myself but my Daughter Katie came along and assisted me.  Bonnie actually went out to Lyon Oaks and took detail photos of the facility and was to pick Katie up as I arrived near the front entrance.  I had also planned to meet the limo near the entrance by the small pond / lake before you turn to go to the reception building. I had always wanted to take photos out there but did not have the opportunity.  As I waited and looked out at the field and beautiful blue sky, placid water and a few cumulus clouds I thought how beautiful and serene this setting was and imagined a somewhat different photo than the one below. As the limo pulled up and then to my dismay, passed me heading to the reception building my heart sank thinking that I lost a truly memorable and once in a lifetime photo opportunity.  I started up the Explorer cursing the limo driver the whole way and headed to the reception. As I turned the corner I noticed the Limo had pulled off to the side of the road just a little ways from the building.  As I drove up along side, the Driver asked where I wanted to go.  So I explained and we headed back to the lake area.  After a couple of quick bridal party photos we headed back to the spot I envisioned and by that time the turbulent skies had rolled in. The image had changed, no longer was water placid and the scene serene. I was a bit disappointed but once I had the image in Photoshop I realized it portrayed the shot even better then I had originally imagined.  Turbulent skies, rippled water and the passion that was being portrayed by Dan and Janice (yes you know you are) really came through.

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