Story behind the Photo: 6/16/2007

You never realize the surge of emotion that occurs surrounding a wedding unless you have been through it. Bonnie and I always argues about who takes certain photos or who obtains the best photos during the wedding. This day was 6/16/2007 with Emily and Kyle. We really loved being with these guys as Kyle had such a great look for photos and Emily could be anyone’s sister with beautiful warms eyes. There was no doubt in this series as Bonnie was with Emily as she was getting her gown on and I was outside taking photos with the guys.  If you have experienced the surge you know it comes on very quickly and is usually that one defining moment when everything becomes very real after months or even years of planning this one day.  People standing around will actually think the bride is laughing and often we capture the people around them with smiles as they think they are laughing along with them.  For Emily this defining moment was just after she had her gown on.  Again we are trying to point out people crying but these are real people and real emotions on such an important day.  Yes we are storytellers and this is true photojournalism.  These photos have become some of the most talked about and you can almost feel the moment in the second photo when she looks down at herself in the gown, it is truly beautiful.

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