Story behind the Photo: Kelly and Tyler

In 2003 we had captured two wedding of friends of Kelly and Bryan.  Karrie Lyons (Bewersdorf) and Amy Trubak (Middleton) who in turn ended up referring us to one of their friends Kelli Wills who ultimately used us for her wedding in 2005 at St. John’s.  I know, way to much information, but we love the fact that friends refer us as it indirectly is a vote of confidence on their experience with us.  Anyway once Kelli became pregnant with Tyler we had the opportunity to capture Kelli’s Maternity images and are now in Tyler’s first year photos (we love watching the changes that occur in the first year).  Anyway I had not realized how beautiful this photo was until Bonnie and I visited Bryan at his Edward Jones office in Canton. When I saw this photo on his desk, I asked if we had done that. He laughed and said of course.  I was amazed how that photo stood out amongst all the other photos in his office and how the shear beauty of a mother and child had been portrayed during the first few weeks of his life.  I know I am a romantic at heart or maybe just sappy but here it is:

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