Epson Artisan 800

I love this multifunction printer! 

Katie and I were at Best Buy recently and I happened to notice the Epson Rep at a couple of printers.  Being the wise-arse with company reps that I have been known to be, I began to ask a few questions (obviously he does not know I am a photographer).  The prints looked very good but don’t they all when you are in the store and the factory guy is billowing about the greatness of the product.  It just happened that the Kodak 5500 we were using was on its last leg (which never worked right from the beginning – which also begs why such a great company like Kodak is so horrible in putting out products that are either crappy or if the product is halfway decent why they take them off the market in only a short time-sorry off on a tangent). As a result Bonnie had semi commissioned me to get a replacement. 

While we have always had everything professionally printed from our labs in Missouri and California we have also owned and experimented with several printers throughout the years including: Epson R1800, 4000, 4800, R800, Canon 9000, 9900, Kodak 2400, I5500 and a couple of HP’s. I had not seriously thought of printing things here until I viewed the results from the Artisan 800.  The image is exactly like I view on the Mac.  Colors are vibrant and the definition is by far superior to anything the lab produces.  Not only that but it is a fax, copier and scanner. It was also very simple to set up as the main printer for both our Mac and PCs through the supplied network drivers (It also has wireless built in!).  It is absolutely an amazing piece of machinery and for those of you who have purchased the High Resolution Image disk this or its little sibling the Artisan 700 could be your answer for obtaining beautiful prints from our images.  It retails for $299 at Best Buy.


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