I know I had written just a short while ago about family and how our photos mean so much to people when a member passes.  It has hit a bit close to home as Bonnie has flown to Florida to be with her father who is not expected to make it past today. It has been a difficult past few months being in Michigan and her mother and father being in Florida but everything will work out it always seems to.  We love you Bonnie and we are thinking of you and your dad!So do you want to hear the bizarre part about this photo above?  Well last night Katie was finishing up a project for her Spanish Class today on the family tree.  I emptied the trash on the Mac after cleaning up several files.  Within a few minutes (no one else was on the computer but me) I noticed the trash was showing items were in there.  I clicked on it and the photo above was in it (it blew me away). I printed a few off for Bonnie her Sister and Emily.

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