Story behind the Photo: 10/2/2008

This story is both comical and painful.  As you may know we are die hard Mac fans.  One of Apple’s biggest fiasco’s in recent years has been its Mobile Me software.  It was developed to sync your entire life with all of your electronic devices.  At one point after its release it was rumored that Steve Jobs ordered the software to be shut down due to all of the bugs and errors.  Well as it would happen we scheduled an E- session with Stephanie & Matt to be done at Mill Race Village in downtown Northville. That appointment disappeared from the calendar and unknowingly in its place I scheduled one in Dearborn with another couple.  After receiving a couple of calls from Stephanie (who lives near Shelby about 45 minutes away) I explained my embarrassment and apologized to no end as we are very adamant about keeping appointments.  Anyway we rescheduled for 10/2/2008 for downtown Clarkston which also happened to be the Taste of Clarkston in which they close off several of the streets to the city.  We met and quickly decided on the gardens adjacent to the Pine Knob Mansion as an alternative.  A few photos into it and a huge “POP” from my Flash occurs.  My flash is fried (later sent to Canon Repair and is now recovered fully). I shot most of the Session Natural and the images turned out incredible!  As we were getting ready to do the last couple of photos I picked up my favorite camera and lens combination (85MM 1.2) and it had gotten caught under the other camera and the bottom corner of the camera (of which is made out of magnesium alloy – a very hard metal) whacked into my shin and proceeded to hit the pavers full force from about 3 feet.  As I stood there in embarrassment, and concern and pain I, in one of the few moments of speechlessness, was unsure whether to apologize, scream from the pain or check on the condition of my camera.  Other than a few scratches the camera and lens were fine however I can still feel a knot on my shin.  So here is a few of the images from that very memorable day:


Can you believe how beautiful Stephanie’s eyes are below!  I was amazed during editing on this photo.

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