What we see

Bonnie and I love photographing just about anything that moves or for that matter somethings that don’t move.  Often we find during the wedding day that the bride and groom had scooped out a few locations to take photos.  What we see is often much different that what is intended. There could be pretty flowers in front of a persons house but for the most part they are standing in front of a house and really you can barely see the flowers because the couple is blocking them.  So when scooping out locations don’t only look at what is nice also look at the power lines running directly behind or the broken down trailer or the not so nice fences behind the area we might be shooting.  Often these images can be spoiled by such things unless we are using the Broken Down Trailer (which can be very cool) or Heavy moving equipment… 

So each location should be viewed as an Artist.  Bonnie and I love challenges and doing things very edgy and creative it is just that most people envision the location for the one aspect and not as it will be in the photographed.


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