Story behind the Photo: Courtney & Nik

This is definitely one of my favorites.  We met Courtney at a bridal show the year before her wedding.  By all accounts I think Courtney was probably an anti-bride at the beginning.  I was so taken by her as at the time I think half of her hair was either shocking pink or purple and somewhat shaven on one side. She approached the booth in a black leather and jeans wearing what I believe were converse.  I don’t have anything against any of this and for that matter Bonnie and I usually get pretty excited about the possibilities but at a bridal show, she stood out.  Anyway at the time Courtney lived in Chicago but was to be married at Waldenwoods as she was from the Hartland area.  After that initial contact with Courtney we worked with her mother until the actual wedding day. 

So the day of wedding we did not know what to expect as we had not seen Courtney for about a year and had never been to Waldenwoods. Well when Courtney emerged she was stunning. Soft Blonde Hair, perfect makeup and an amazing custom gown.  Bonnie and I just looked at each other.  We were floored, she was beautiful!  

Now what about Waldenwoods. The things we had read online talked about the RV park and we thought sure we can do some amazing things at such a location but little did we realize the setting until we pulled up to the Main Lodge.  This place was beautiful! The sun actually sets over the water and the Main Lodge looks like something out of the old south.  An amazing bride (and groom), an Amazing wedding and of course an amazing sunset!

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