Straight Talk – Video (If you are not getting one here is the scoop)

We have had the opportunity to be apart of 338 weddings to date and counting. Couples typically seek us out for photos first and then video. What we have learned from all these wedding about video is the following:
a. We have heard from people more times than not when they do not get a video they wish they would have. Why, because they will never know what it could have been especially with a good videographer. The harsh reality is while photos are amazing and capture a moment in time, video, properly done compliments the photos and adds the emotion of the day. A few years back we captured a wedding with both photo and video and the photos while really nice of the vows, did not reflect the groom regrouping himself and barely being able to get his vows out as the emotion overwhelmed him. If we had not captured that it would have been gone forever.
b. We have not heard from any person that received a video (from us), they wished they had not gotten one or spent the money elsewhere.
c. With technology the way it is today we can do some absolutely amazing things with video.
d. People that have family members do the video are rarely happy with the results. Why is this, it is certainly cost effective? First they do not usually have the equipment to capture quality video especially under varying lighting conditions. Next they usually do not have quality sound equipment or even a wireless microphone. Finally, rarely do they use a tripod. While the intentions are there the quality and knowing what and how to capture usually is not.

This information is provided based on the years of feedback we have received from couples who have been through it (and lived to tell about it).


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