YES WE DID IT! – New space in Downtown Northville, Michigan

For the past 5 years we have been looking for the perfect location for our studio. No less that 7 times did we think we found it but there was always something from overbearing lease covenants to, pricing issues, to food courts.  We had been talking to the owner of The Waterwheel building for the past two years for space to photograph in because the building is so unique with high ceilings (perfect for photography).  On a chance just a month ago I called and it just so happened a space was opening up at the main entrance that faces Northville Road (ie. Main Street).  Amazing is all Bonnie and I could think of.  So we did it.  We will be a full time resident beginning 4/1/2009 (no it is not an April Fools joke).  Anyway I will be posting images soon.

Craig & Bonnie

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