CitiFinancial – What a joke

We always try to pay off our credit cards every month. A couple of days ago Bonnie received our statement and included with it was an explanation on how they were going to raise our interest rate to some massive percentage.  Other than being offended as we always pay on time and I believe our credit rating is very decent, I immediately thought about all the people who are in a tight spot right now with huge balances on their accounts. Now they will be paying huge interest rates and probably never get out of debt or seek their only option of bankruptcy in which case these unsecured debt credit cards will just go away.  Further pushing Citi into or worse financial crisis.  Look it is not our problem you guys were trying to become the biggest and best at all costs, hiring greedy top management that were going to suck every cent out of you and then get a golden parachute (to the tune of millions) and a hand shake for a job done (as you noticed I left out the “well” in done).  Who I really feel bad for are the unfortunate local employees that will lose their jobs in an effort for these once greedy corporations, not only to downsize but now to survive. 

So how is this good?  Well it was thought about ten years ago that there would be only a handful of MEGA financial institutions in the world.  This is good because we will probably be heading to the Credit Unions, local lenders who care about their communities and are not trying to be the biggest to be the biggest but become the best based on the services and products.  OMG this is what Bonnie and I believe in and how we try to treat each couple as if it this is our only wedding and go above and beyond.

Be Positive it will be OK.  Send me an email and let me know how you are and what is going on in lives OR BETTER YET ANY MESSAGE OF HOPE YOU HAVE SEEN OR HEARD OF (regardless of how insignificant) and I will post here.


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