The Economy

I know this is a bit of a retraction from the Photo Video Biz but I am sick and tired of all the news agencies sensationalizing every negative aspect of our economy and the world market.  As a result of each “New” story the American public becomes a little more cautious and as a result another new negative story develops and as a result we are continually in this negative spiral.  Less people are willing to spend the more companies get in the hole and the more people that are laid off  the more people that are able to spend….

This spiral has been fortified by our new President, we elected on the message of hope. What I have heard from him to date “the road ahead is long and hard (or something like that). Which  further enforces the dude don’t spend just yet because we need to endure this. 

So I sit I watch and I think Wow we are just talking ourselves into obscurity, a devastation of the greatest country in the world – why? – Because of the news agencies and their sensationalizing of the negative aspects of our world.

Where is the message of hope?

Where is the positive we were promised?

If we had some of news stories about great things that are enforced by our leaders we would jump right back and probably be stronger than ever.

So here is a little bit of what is good in the world: – prices have never been so low on just about anything imaginable.  Majoring in economics in college at some point the supply will meet demand influenced by price, people will begin to buy again, in which people will begin to be called back to work in which those people will begin to buy again and the spiral will once again be in the right direction.  OBVIOUSLY THE NEWS WON’T DO IT SO I THINK IT IS UP TO US!!!!  The more people take advantage of this principal the quicker we will be out of this.

I came from an insurance background which ironically serviced financial institution all over the country.  It is no secret that the travesty these organizations brought upon themselves has actually in an obscure way been a good thing.  It needed to be corrected and I think finally the American Public is appalled by a high flying few and hopefully we will not allow this kind of corporate greed to happen again.

The Way I  see it is we have a choice to continually proliferate the negative and continue the spiral downward or spread the positive word, the word of hope to anyone you know, even if you are not able to buy or spend, the positive has a way of exponentially increasing our positive mindset and take on this situation.  



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