Positive – The New Studio

So somebody asked, Craig with the economy so bad why would you open a studio?  We are actually opening the studio because of the economy. Bonnie and I were pretty happy doing the 40 or so weddings every year and touching the lives of everyone we met.  It wasn’t until the stock market tanked and I realized the only person you can count on is yourself.  We don’t just want to open the studio and do things as we used to but just in a new location, we want to grow, we want to do a lot more weddings than we are doing now but not based on being the cheapest (like many of the studios do) and have shooters that are there just to take a paycheck but we want our company based on the creativity, passion for the art and cutting edge delivery of our media, and we want employees that will have the same vision and passion and be able to not only do what we want but to take it to the next level with us. We will also branch off into more portrait work as most of you that have used us for weddings realize that we take that extra step in the portrait work to ensure we get the great photos you are expecting, enjoying the time we spend together and please know that you are appreciated!

So this is why we are so excited because we are going to make a difference in the lives we capture and we are going to take it to the next level.  Are we worried about the economy sure but there is so much more good we can do and with this first step you are coming with us into something much bigger and better!

Craig & Bonnie

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