Mailing Address & Location Clarification

Don’t forget any correspondence, payments should now be sent to
Craig David Butler Studios
235 E. Main, #102A
Northville, Michigan 48167

About the Address – The building we are in is a historic landmark and has retained the original numbering system for Northville.

-If you have a GPS it will bring you one block west (toward downtown).

-From 7 Mile and Northville Road – It is hard to miss the “Water Wheel Building” coming from 7 mile and going north as it is the first building you see on the Right as you make the curve to the left going toward downtown Northville.

-From 8 Mile going south on Griswold it is the last building on the left before Main Street. Same building as Planet Fitness however you will enter from the Main Street Entrance (the one with the 235 E. Main above it – see below).

Front Entrance off Main Street (we are the first Suite on the Right 102A):

View coming North on Northville Road at the Bend to the Left to go toward downtown:

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