Wedding Michigan – Annalise & Mark – 16th May 2009

What a great day, the weather cleared, the sun came out and Annalise & Mark got Married.  And ……  The limo driver was on his own schedule, more like a queen in a parade waving to all the people on Belle Isle, totally oblivious to where the photographers wanted to take photos.  We are so disappointed we did not get a photo of him waiving, it just had to been seen to be believed.  Anyway, Annalise looked amazing.  Mark and the guys were a riot, especially once we flagged the limo driver to stop and we headed to the casino on Belle Isle. Sainte Anne Church and the Sterling Inn were the main venues.  All in all Bonnie and I had a lot of fun working with these guys.   Oh and the last photo was about the bouquet toss incident. Enjoy

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