That Defining Moment

In this day of everyone becoming a photographer, we have found that anyone can take a photo only a few can find that defining moment.  The moment when a father sees his once little angel in her descent of a cascading staircase, a women on her wedding day, a women now moving into a new phase of her life, a women that will find her own little angel, a women!  Where the years have gone suddenly in one defining moment it comes all to soon.  That one defining moment, properly captured, preserved for a lifetime, a moment that will bring that same feeling, that will allow them to live and relive on such an important day.

The moment a mother, with all the experiences she has shared with her little girl and the realization she is no longer that children that helped make cookies or who was a miracle child, is and has turned out to be so much more than you could have ever dreamed.

The moment a mother realizes on her son’s wedding day what an amazing person he has become.  That moment her son has a glimpse of his bride for the first time, that one defining moment.  If not captured properly, these moments that define our very being could be gone forever.  These moments help us realize why we fell in love, why we have cared through so many years, why we are who we are.

Life can often place us in difficult situations but it is these defining moments that can remind us, when we feel we can’t go on, or our situation is insurmountable, of who we are and all the wonderful people that care for us.

That one defining moment.


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