Why we must give up Vegas and the PC.

It is with great sadness that I publicly pronounce that we are giving up the use of Sony Vegas as our cinematography editing software.  I have become attached over the past 10 years.  I was an original purchaser, yes ever since version 1.  Now on its 9th iteration I have struggled each time a new version evolved.

Up until Version 4 the product was owned by Sonic Foundry.  An amazing company that was so on top of their products. Anytime there was even a glimmer of issue it was resolved in days. From version 4 on it was owned by Sony. And with each iteration we faced issues, from not completing renders to locking up and more recently (with version 9) disappearing from the screen.  That coupled with the instability of Window Vista (see earlier post on this issue) and we are faced with a recipe for disaster. 

As many of you know we do all of our Photo editing on the Mac – why you may ask -not only have we found that Mac’s are quicker in responding with Large photo files, we have also experienced far fewer issues.  In addition the Mac Book Pro monitors and Cinema Displays Apple produces are far more color accurate than anything we have seen on the PC – you can’t beat it.  

We have edited a few of our video projects on our mac laptops but now it is official not because we are willfully moving to the Mac, but because we feel we must.  So the next step is finding out which version of MacPro we will be purchasing.- I’ll keep you posted.  Craig

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