Back Pain Remedy

I know this is a little off the topic of Photos but so many people we know suffer some type of back pain. I, like my father before me, also suffered until about 9 years ago. How did I kick it in less than a minute a day?

1 – before you get up, while you are still lying on your back in bed do 20 crunch sit ups (you don’t have to go far)
2 – pull your legs up to you from the slight bent position to your chest
3 – move to the edge of the bed with your legs on the floor and sit straight up
4 – then, hunch your back in a slouch position with your head down
5 – stand up but instead of standing straight up gently stretch to each knee
6 – Stand Straight up
7 – go to the wall and hold on to the top of a door jam (if you can reach it) with your arms straight up stretch forward pushing your chest to the wall.

Your done. It well take about a week to fully get over any pain but the Crunches are the important part of the equation. Good luck.

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