I want to buy American products!

I want to buy American Products! I know this is the sentiment of most people we talk today.

So, I was at my computer a short while ago and ordered something from Apple. Feeling good about buying American, I fell asleep a little more soundly based on my purchase. The following day I received more order confirmation and shipment information only to realize it was being shipped from “Shanghai, China”. My heart sank. I understand the why, from my 17 years at the insurance company, make things more efficiently, turn more of a profit, people invest more, stock holders are happy and executives make more. I have loved all products Apple and the service you receive from the Stores and genius bar is better than any I have experienced in my 25 years working with computers. It is really great that when you have an issue Apple does not blame it on the other manufacturer and the Software manufacturer blames it on a hardware issue and the hardware supplier blames it on a Windows glitch. No, with Macs there are no excuses, it is supposed to work and it does. I am just sad that we don’t make much in America any more.

I want to buy American but most American products are made of materials from other countries. I was so surprised to find that more of the Honda’s for sale in the USA today consist of more American products and parts than any of the American Car makers. If I am going to buy American, I don’t just want an American Name on it I want an American Product.

So I thought back, why don’t we manufacture much any more. Was it the greed in the early 2000’s, Nafta in the 1990’s, Lack of Quality and the ever increasing sluggish American workers in the 1980’s, or is it the American consumer that would rather save a buck and complain when something goes wrong about cheap products ie what do you expect it was only $…..

No it was not just one thing it is really a myriad of so many contributions. A man I admire, my Stepfather Charles, is not only a wonderful person but because he is so knowledgeable about so many subjects, every time we get in the discussion on what is happening in America he mentions we don’t make anything anymore. We have to make something.

Throughout this entire meandering, it comes down to, I want to buy American it is just hard to find an American product to buy.
Have a Great Friday. Craig

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