Not Really, but when considering your wedding ceremony location it is important you consider many factors in addition to how beautiful the location is. So here is the list of things you should look into:

1. Obviously the beauty of the location;
2. Proximity for outdoor photo opportunities;
3. Is there a nice bridal suite for prep;
3. Ceremony location itself –
a. Timing: How much time do they allow you before the ceremony and after for photos.
b. Rules: This is so important as many facilities are so oppressive with where the photographs can be taken you may not end up with much from the ceremony. Case in point St. Francis of Assisi in Ann Arbor Michigan– we were there on 7/11/2009 and on another date a year ago and the rules are so oppressive you really do not need a photographer there during the ceremony. Other locations realize these images will be the only items the Couple will have and will be very open to photo opportunities. SO BEWARE AND ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS.
c. Lighting: mood is everything during the ceremony but some locations or desires to go by candlelight may create issues for cameras and their light sensitivity. Yes have it moody as some of the most beautiful images can be captured during those dark moments but noise and grain is probably going to be evident.

When in doubt ask your photographer or videography if they are familiar with the site you are considering and if they have any impression of it. Most will be very honest. Craig

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