Wedding Photography Michigan – Teri & Kal

Fort Street Presbyterian in Detroit, Belle Isle and The Townsend Hotel Birmingham – what an incredible mix what an incredible day. Other than a few sprinkles just before we left for Belle Isle it was an absolutely amazing day. Teri and Kal were so much fun and we accomplished an very wide range of image styles here is a few of the photos (video is still in the works but coming soon!)

3 thoughts on “Wedding Photography Michigan – Teri & Kal

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  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you two so very much and these photos
    are beautiful mirrors of yourselves:)

  2. Hey guys!!! I love the photos πŸ™‚ He captured some really great shots of the day/evening! It was a beautiful day and everything turned out perfect! Ask him to slow it down for 5 sec per shot so we can get a better look πŸ™‚

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