Nora & Jason – Same Day Edit – Wedding Photography Videography Michigan

Hey everyone this is big.  I had been so intent on making sure the images and film are preserved I had avoided doing one of these for about 6 years (we used to do them whenever possible).  The Mac Book Pro, and some changes in preparation have allowed this a possibility again.  Timing is critical.

08/08/2009 – We had surprised Jason & Nora with a very cool video on from their engagement session a few months back.  They provided us kids photos growing up, we added the E-session Video and I added the below to the end (I ended up adding some additional material after I returned home to fill out the entire day)  – it does not have the finish, effects and polish our usual videos have but what can you expect for an hour.  I do remember what Jason yelled at the end: Craig David Butler ROCKs  and of course it was very cool that Nora gave me a big hug and said she loved us!  Thanks guys you mean the world to us – Enjoy  Craig

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