Nora & Jason –

As many of you have seen the Same Day Edit from Nora & Jason’s Wedding I received this email this morning which totally made our year!  =- Thanks Nora & Jason

HI Craig and Bonnie! I just want to express something to you both…..even though so many things went wrong for us yesterday, the venue, the flowers…and other little things i wanted to tell you that you met and exceeded my expectations!! I was so upset that everything went wrong, but i know now that i will have AMAZING pictures to last me a lifetime. This is why I chose you, you listen to what i need and understand our style. You two were the only thing i can say were perfect! My guests were blown away by what you did for the slide show, so were we. I couldn’t believe you whipped up that amazing video for us to see at the reception. Just as I was so upset, that was played and it all went away….you saved our night. I can’t thank you enough. I haven’t even seen all the pictures you took, but the few i saw…..they were amazing!I watched the short video today again…a few times….I cried each time. I love you guys, I can’t say that enough!! I am forever grateful to have met you and had you do our wedding!!

Take care,
Nora …now NORA DEMICK!!

P.s. Jason just said that you two were” flawless”!

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