Brook & Sam – A much appreciated Thank You

We recently captured Brook and Sam’s wedding at the Detroit Athletic Club in Downtown Detroit. The other day in the office when it was reaching 90 degree due to our faulty A/C that was being fixed to the photo shoots and edits, we received the following, which made us realize why we do what we do:

Craig & Bonnie, We cannot thank you both enough for being part of our special day and for capturing so many wonderful memories and moments we will have forever. The two of you were such a pleasure to work with and have at the DAC the whole day. You two are wonderful at what you do! Having you both there seemed more like having 2 family members or life long friends there than the photographers. Thanks again for EVERYTHING. Love Brook and Sam Gazepis.

Thanks Brook and Sam you it is thank you notes like these that make us excel in every wedding we capture, Craig

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