Sarah & Tim – Wedding Photography Michigan

Following the amazing wedding at the Book Cadillac back in February, everyone has been asking about this wedding. Well Sarah and Tim’s day did not disappoint (although we were mistaken for “Kiss” paparazzi a couple of times as they were staying at the Book).

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  1. It’s a day we’ve waited for our whole lives and now that day has come and gone, but now we have amazing photos that have captured the moments we will forever cherish!! The pictures that Craig and Bonnie took captured every essence of our special day and will be passed on from generation to generation. To us, the day was a total blur and moved so quickly, but today we can look at all of our photos and see each and every detail and all of our loved ones who were there to celebrate with us. We couldn’t have picked anyone better to do such an important job. Craig and Bonnie were so kind a patient throughout our wedding day and there wasn’t a second that they stopped taking photos. They didn’t miss a beat and to top it off they through in their creative technique that could never be duplicated. Thank you is not enough for the gift you have given us…our photos our breath taking and we look at them over and over again!!

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