Thank you!

Wow how time flies. We have just three weddings left for 2009. In retrospect, it has been such an incredible year for Bonnie and I and our family. We have been a part of so many families lives this year and experienced many new traditions and cultures. We are so thankful for everyone that we have had the opportunity to meet along the way and experience with you some of the most meaningful moments in your lives. It has been such a great year and we are so happy that 2010 is on track to be just as good if not better especially with our High School Senior and Portrait Photography taking off.

After all is said and done we realize it is your appreciation and gratitude that make all of this so worth while. The thank you note’s, emails and cards we receive is really what keeps us going with the desire to out do ourselves everytime we pick up a camera. The enjoyable experience we believe you are entitled to on your wedding, senior portraits or during each of your children’s milestones, we value and makes us somehow feel more like a part of your family and not just a Photographer.

We view what we do with much more brevity than you may realize. But in the end it is all so worth while as these images that mean so much to us, and to all of you will transcend time and mean so much more to your children and their child.

So thank you for allowing us into your lives!
Craig & Bonnie

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