A Much Appreciated Thank You – Farmington Hills Michigan

We had the opportunity to capture Kristyn’s sister’s wedding a few years back. Since that time, she and her family have always felt very close to Bonnie and I. In Addition Kristyn was our daughter Katie’s 5 grade teacher 5 years ago. So it was a thrill for her to be able to capture her favorite teacher’s (of all time) wedding.

As you know we are more in this crazy business because we are passionate about what we do, so when Thank You notes come along like this, it enforces that what we do is so much more than capturing photos:

“Craig and Bonnie, I have been trying to find the right words to say to you about what I saw on the slideshow. Instead of worrying about being poetic, I just decided to write! When watching your other videos, I have had the privilege of gaining a glimpse into others’ stories, moments, and monumental events, such as a wedding. Only in my dreams did I believe that one day it would be me on one of your videos with my story flashing before my eyes. Words cannot express what I saw. A wedding day is filled with so much planning, anticipation and emotion and you captured it all. Every moment, facial expression, feeling and your own special added touch is what makes your videos and pictures a true work of art! I cannot wait for the video! Someone was watching over me when Katie was put into my classroom! Without you my wedding day would not have been complete. Thank you for helping me write my wedding story!
Love you both, Kristyn”

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