Amazingly beautiful, timeless images.

Every year there are new trends in photography. Throughout the ages there have always been those trends that never last and few that do.  In the late sixties there was Color.  I remember my father resisting the trend to shoot color.  Once he jumped in the 70’s he pushed the limits of creativity.  If you have ever seen wedding albums from that era you noticed a very cheesy trend of double exposure images.  Couple in the champagne glass, looking down on the ceremony photo to name a few.  At the time if the photographer did them they were the money shots.

The trends were very subtle until onslaught of the digital age. In the 90’s we saw very over the top album layouts with tilted images and who still does oval images, big key lines and those drop shadows. Then we moved into the so 2002 spot or touch of color in the flowers which in many instances was so shocking it to became all the rage.

Now what is old is new again.  Nostalgic looking images or the aged effect in a whole slew of color tones emulating various film stocks from years gone by along with grunge overlays have become the new rage. We have even been asked to shot photo and video for an entire wedding with that nostalgic look.

There is also a new trend to over saturate and make skin so soft the person looks more graphic as in an illustration rather than a photograph. This trend is so popular in high school senior photography.  This trend while aesthetically appealing will not, like all the other trends, stand the test of time.

All these effects are new at the time but as time proves out the trends will come and go and by having so many of these images will make the wedding album so 2010.  Sounds funny but in 10 years it will be so true.

So why do we lean towards the beautiful, classic, edgy and create images that are very unique to the couple, the day, the emotion the reactions?  Those are the images that will prove the test of time and provide an accurate reflection of those immortalized moments to your children and grandchildren.

Beautiful. Classic. Unique.


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