What would you pay for truly wonderful wedding photos?

I guess the answer to that question is based on whether you love YOUR wedding photos.

So you are probably thinking “what do you mean?”

Well I had the chance last night to talk with Rob and Kim – we did their wedding last June. Kim was mentioning how it was next to impossible to narrow down the photos that they wanted in their wedding album.  I said your problem is a good one because we hear all the time from a lot of the couples we photograph that their friends had used someone else and that the photos are horrible or the bride cries because she can’t stand to look at them.  After I said that they both looked at each other and said the names of a couple that had recently gotten married that was in their wedding party.

A groom we photographed a couple years back had purchased another photo-book.  When he came to pick it up I asked about his wife’s sister’s wedding and how it went.  We were actually very excited when we found out she was engaged because of how much fun we had at their wedding. Long story short, she had decided to use another company, one that has many shooters. His exact words were – “She doesn’t talk about it but you can tell she is not happy at all.”

To people who have had a Poor experience and or received horrible photos from their wedding photographer the cost of Truly Wonderful wedding Photos is PRICELESS.

So Alex and Stephanie picked up his main album today.  As he looked through the pages, he made several comments – this is truly amazing, this is far more than we could have ever imagined, from our first meeting, the engagement session the Save The Date’s through the wedding and now the album you guys have been the best.  You will be receiving so many referrals from us.

We understand, times are tough and a budget is important but ask any couple that has had a poor experience and they will tell you how important wonderful wedding photos would be to them.

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