Thinking about a Mac? – Here’s why I love Apple.

This is not a PC vs MAC debate but simply why I have enjoyed moving to Mac and my experiences.

1. Things just work. I know this sounds funny, but the software is actually written to work with the hardware. There are not two companies saying it is the other guy.

2. In this disposable age I now tend to purchase the service agreements on just about everything so of course I did so on the Macs I had purchased.  Anytime there is an issue you bring it to the Apple store and you talk to a real person – that speaks english – that you can actually understand.  Usually everything is fixed on the spot.  On occasion repairs only take a couple of days and almost without fail it is returned perfect!

This includes my most recent interaction and the reason for this post. My Mac Book Pro (the computer we do our Same Day Edits on) began booting up 4 out of 5 times.  So they replaced the Hard Drive and Wireless card and I was off. The problem persisted and today they ordered a brand new Mac Book Pro with all the custom configurations I had – ETA 1 week – sweet.

3. The company has continually out-performed and is one of the top innovators of our time and if you are into or own Apple stock you are a very happy person right now as it climbs to all time highs in a very uncertain and unstable time in our history.

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