LuvShak Photo Booth Wedding Reception Rental Michigan – A huge Success

This past weekend was the first of our LuvShak Photo Booth which went off as a huge success. We received at least 20 of the people (of the 130 at the reception) complimenting on how cool, how great, and how much fun our photo booth was. We even had one person say she was at another wedding earlier and she wished they would have had one because since she had been here everyone was talking about what a blast it was.

Lets talk about the booth –
NO this is not your $500 to $650 photo booth rental – even though we offered an introductory price of $650 for the first 5.

So Why Do a Photo Booth – It is so much fun and your guests will love it – not to mention most people are using the photos as favors for their guests.

So what is different about our booth – First this booth is offered by us, photographers, so of course the images are coming from a Digital SLR camera not a point and shoot like we have seen from every photo booth we have witnessed. Next the photos are color balanced and in color (unless you want black and white) because we are not trying to hide the crappy photos from a crappy camera but provide nice photos from a decent camera that your guests will love.

Construction – The construction of the booth rivals even the most expensive on the market and made of structural aluminum so A.) it will look classy and B.) as people drink falling into it will not damage anything. We have seen some really rickety photo booths in the past year and so we knew we wanted classy high end to match our couples of course (and of course this way you won’t be embarrassed).

We use an actual black photographic background not a curtain that has been pinned together (you would not believe some of the horrible make shift slap togethers that are out there).

Finally we have several options from 1 print for the clients and a disk of images to you – to 2 prints (1 for an album and 1 for the reception guests as favors) and a disk to album options and best of all the photos are on actual 4×6 photographic paper with a protecitve coating from our mini lab – not an inexpensive ink jet printer.

Here are the photos of the booth. If you were at the event and received the password the photos will be under our proofing site by tomorrow:

Plymouth Michigan Photobooth Rental Wedding ReceptionPlymouth Michigan Photobooth Rental Wedding ReceptionPlymouth Michigan Photobooth Rental Wedding Reception

Other Wedding Photographs at the Inn of St. John’s in Plymouth Michigan –
Marissa & James – Inn at St. Johns – Plymouth Michigan – Wedding Photography & Videography
Lauren & Peter – Grande Ballroom – St. John’s Plymouth Michigan – Wedding Photography and Videography
Julie & Kyle – Grande Ballroom – The Inn at St. John’s Plymouth Michigan – Wedding Photographs
Beth & Mario – The Inn at St. John’s – Atrium Ballroom – Plymouth Michigan – Wedding Photography & Videography

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