The wedding photography industry has changed!

I was meeting with a July bride and groom to finalize their wedding day plans and happened to mention how the wedding photography industry has changed drastically – more for the worse and then referenced a few observations.

Following the meeting I received this email that Bonnie forwarded to me from a bride we photographed a few years back and realized just how real the horror really is:

Hi Bonnie!
Just a quick thank you. πŸ™‚

Joe and I were in a wedding this past weekend with the photographer
from hell. I’ve never heard of a photographer making the bride cry
before! When she told him she didn’t like something he yelled at her
and said that she hired him to take the pictures. Either she does
what he says or find someone else. This was during her getting ready
pictures. :(. He upset the entire wedding party including the moms.
Once we were done, each person had some colorful words to describe
him. Anyway, Joe and I discussed them later the next day and how
thankful we still are that you and Craig were so great! You helped
make our day fun, never once stressed us out and managed to capture
artistic photos that weren’t staged. Your work all around blows them
out of the water and the smiles you captured that day were real and
not masking the fear we had of You (like theirs will be). So, almost
three years later we still are so thankful for you guys and how
wonderful you were and I just wanted you to know that. We knew we had
awesome photographers that day but this experience made me feel like
we needed to tell you again!

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  1. I can’t believe a photographer actually made a bride cry!! What a jerk! Thank you Craig & Bonnie for making our day so wonderful as well!! πŸ™‚

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