Same Day Edits – the Nitty Gritty

Wow! This weekend was a bit exhausting but so exciting. 3 events including 2 Same Days Edits.
We have been receiving such an incredible response to the same day edits. So, I thought I would offer a little insight on the behind the scenes of just what has to take place in order to pull off one of these SDE’s:

Nikki & Nick’s Specifics from Saturday 8/21/2010 –
– Files used were full HD Resolution and editing on a Mac Book Pro 17 inch laptop.
– Files captured prior to the editing of the SDE were 194.
– 181 files had to be re-rendered prior to use in a Format that Final Cut could use.
– 82 edited clips actually made it in the video from the day with 84 edits.
– Additional captures 10 minutes (i.e. locating portions of the video on Tape of 2 cameras)
– Which works out to 3.53 renders, reviews, cuts and insertions to work in the video per minute (194 clips divided by 55 actual editing minutes)
– Editing Start time – 7:26pm.
– Setup of the Screen, testing of the Feed to the Board and Projector 7 1/2 minutes
– Beginning of the Same Day Edit 8:39pm.
– Total time from start to actual playing of the SDE – 73 minutes.

Easy – not really. So whats the Secret – Preparation and focus.

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