Ann Arbor Wedding Photography, Michigan – Lauren & Brian

Lauren & Brian – Michigan Union Ann Arbor Michigan.
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175 Responses to Ann Arbor Wedding Photography, Michigan – Lauren & Brian

  1. Brian Burstein says:

    Everbody vote now!

  2. Jen says:


  3. jencam1981 says:

    GO BLUE!!

  4. Judy says:


  5. Sandy Crawford says:

    Beautiful couple!

  6. julie kiesel says:

    Go Blue!

  7. Lauren Burstein says:

    We loved our wedding and the photos, and we hope everyone else does too! Please vote!

  8. Heather says:

    Go Blue!

  9. Kal and Sang says:


  10. Sangy D says:

    Beyond Awesome!

  11. GO BLUE! Gorgeous photo and couple!

  12. Pazman says:

    Go Blue !

  13. Jennifer Swanson says:

    Go Blue

  14. Richelle says:

    Go blue!!

  15. Love the perspective! Beautiful shot – Go Blue!!!

  16. Josh says:

    Go blue!

  17. Marcia says:


  18. Keith says:

    Great Pic!

  19. Hesh says:

    GO BLUE!!!!

  20. Tim says:

    Great pic!

  21. Adonicio Hartley says:

    Congratulations….Go Further!

  22. Tony Chen says:

    Go Blue!!!

  23. sarah s. says:

    Love this photo and all of them from CDB! I cant wait to use him for our wedding. Thanks for the recommendation Brian! And, go blue !

  24. Dana Kozara says:

    Beautiful photo!!

  25. Val S. says:

    Go Big Blue!!!!!

  26. Tony Aquilina says:

    Best photo ever!!!

  27. Eric says:


  28. Gary M says:

    Good lookin couple, even if the venue has that big blue block M….kinda partial to green myself.

  29. mara says:

    great shot

  30. Tara says:


  31. Erik P. says:

    Great picture, awesome wedding!

  32. Stephanie Gibbs says:

    You both are glowing.

  33. lisa says:

    Brian and Lauren look so cool. You’d never guess it was 108 degrees.

  34. Jeff Chandler says:

    Beautiful picture!

  35. Jorin says:


  36. Jon says:

    Congratulations!!! Great Picture

  37. Joanne A says:


  38. ELF says:

    Love! Go Blue!

  39. Jaime says:

    Gorgeous! Go Blue!

  40. S. Helwig says:

    Cool local!

  41. Mandy says:

    go blue! great pic!

  42. Go Blue! I wish I would have done this.

  43. Todd Kroll says:

    Great picture!

  44. shari says:

    they should win!

  45. Alyssa says:

    This is awesome! It captures the magic and allure of both wedded bliss and Michigan football. A great combination for sure!

  46. Awesome picture; awesome wedding; awesome couple. Nuff said. Oh – and go blue!

  47. Becky says:

    Beautiful. Go Blue!

  48. Rebecca says:

    What a great shot!

  49. Erin Perrone says:


  50. hailtothevictors says:

    GO BLUE!!!

  51. Johnny D says:

    Great pic ! Congrats!

  52. Ashutosh Dalvi says:

    Great picture! Go Blue!

  53. EL says:

    The best of times!

  54. Julann says:

    This pix was so beautiful

  55. Carol I says:

    Lovely done

  56. Reena says:

    Great picture!

  57. Julie says:

    Great picture

  58. Jonah says:

    That is awesome! Great wedding, too!

  59. Leslie Kamil says:

    Great photo;fun yet classic!

  60. Lisa Sherman says:

    Amazing photo!

  61. Louis Breskman says:

    Go Blue!

  62. Melissa Schaffer says:

    Such a gorgeous shot that absolutely captures the spirit of Lauren and Brian’s wedding. It was a blast!

  63. Richard and Susan Gibbs says:

    Working with David was great. We were so glad that our kid’s selected him to do their wedding.

  64. Beth Rose says:


  65. Brett K. says:

    Amazing picture

  66. Kayla says:

    Go blue!

  67. Erica says:

    Amazing photo! Go blue!

  68. Tanuj says:

    Nice pic!

  69. Aimee Kleiman says:

    Go Blue! Love this photo!

  70. tb says:

    Cool photo!

  71. Paula says:

    Go Blue!

  72. Jenn Vaughan says:

    Awesome photo!!!!

  73. Aaron Phillips says:

    Was a great photo shoot!

  74. Bobby Soltys says:


  75. Susan gibbs says:

    Love this picture! Loved the wedding pictures. Wonderful memories

  76. Jeff Kaplan says:

    Great Couple! Amazing photos!

  77. Heather says:

    Amazing day! Amazing couple!!!

  78. Ben Kiesel says:

    Go Blue!

  79. Liz Kiesel says:

    Go Blue!

  80. Pa Kiesel says:

    Go Blue

  81. Brian P. says:

    Great pic!

  82. Krishna M says:

    Love the picture – Congrats!

  83. James (Sloth) says:

    Go Blue!

  84. Shomit says:

    Go Blue!

  85. Mary Hanson says:

    Gorgeous!! Perfect team:)

  86. Baek Kim says:

    Awesome pics!

  87. Sally says:

    Go Blue! Good luck!

  88. Christie Brown says:


  89. The photography for Brian and Lauren’s wedding was outstanding, each shot captured the essence of the moment and reflected who they are individually and as a couple brilliantly. I was blown away by the video short that was filmed and edited, and then displayed in its perfection at the reception!!! I felt as though I was really a part of the whole experience with the wedding party. I laughed, oohed and aahed, and got teary eyed throughout. Bravo!

  90. Gorgeous!!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

  91. Richard says:

    Craig’s pictures were the most wonderful way to remember one of the most important days of my life! !!!

  92. Carol says:

    Carol says:

  93. Bruce Luria says:

    What a team!!!

    Bruce and Sue

  94. Sharon Benedek says:

    Liked it verymuch

  95. Eric says:

    Go Blue!

  96. Jen K says:

    Go Blue!

  97. Brian says:

    Hope this helps you guys. Love the picture.

  98. Lesli says:

    Stunning…. Go Blue!

  99. Bobby B says:

    Wonderful Pic. Go Blue!

  100. John says:

    Congrats! Go Blue!

  101. Kelila says:

    Go Blue!

  102. Anne Jones says:

    Go Blue!

  103. Jan Lingenfelter says:

    Lovely wedding, Brian and Lauren, Love Jan

  104. George Lingenfelter says:

    Go Blue!

  105. towerjay says:

    Great pics

  106. Mark Simmons says:

    Go Louren & Brian!

  107. Tuck says:

    Go blue!

  108. Ken Smith says:

    Hail to the Victors

  109. JEB says:

    Go Blue!!!

  110. Martin S. says:


  111. KMS says:


  112. Stephanie says:

    Wonderful picture!

  113. Kenneth says:

    Go Blue

  114. K says:

    Go Louren & Brian!

  115. Laura Chew Gillam says:

    Beautiful couple…….Beautiful sentiment! Go Blue!:)

  116. Pops says:

    Go Blue

  117. Barb Barror says:

    Incredible photo and glamorous couple. Congrats.

  118. Bubbie says:


  119. Awesome picture….be happy!!!!!!!

  120. Verne says:

    Go Blue

  121. Sharon Pratt says:

    Awesome photo! Just a beautiful couple! GO BLUE!

  122. Darcy Karoll says:

    Awesome picture!!! Beautiful!!!

  123. Carl Pratt says:

    Great Perspective. Beautiful couple!

  124. Judy Arquette says:

    Absolutely lovely and so unique

  125. Marj Spindler says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations to you both.

  126. Bryan says:

    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful picture. Go Blue!!!

  127. Josephine says:


  128. Charles Woodson says:

    The team, the team, the team

  129. Krista Ghaffarian says:

    Simply Beautiful

  130. chris says:

    Great picture

  131. Scott says:

    Go Blue

  132. Teddy says:

    Nice picture – Go Blue!

  133. James Irwin says:

    Only an mgoblogger should win this contest.

  134. Tripti Gill says:

    Go Blue!

  135. Rebecca says:

    Hail to the Victors!

  136. Jeremy says:

    Go Blue

  137. Charlie says:

    Go Blue

  138. Jason R says:

    Go Blue!

  139. Sasha says:

    Truly beautiful photo! Congrats.

  140. lucasswagswag says:

    go blue I vote brian

  141. Eric H says:

    Sweet picture!

  142. Ben says:

    Go Blue!

  143. Jason says:

    Nice picture

  144. Tim says:

    Go Blue!!

  145. Terry says:

    Beautiful picture

  146. Manik says:

    Awesome Go blue!

  147. g r says:

    Go blue!

  148. Ed Shuttlesworth says:

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, Go Blue!

  149. ryan says:

    M Go Blue

  150. KellStar says:

    So pretty. Congrats and Go Blue!

  151. Greg says:


  152. krista says:

    Beautiful. Good luck to you both.

  153. Joanna Chang says:

    Best wedding ever besides my own!

  154. TC says:

    The Big House baby!

  155. Antony Chen says:

    Cute couple!

  156. sharon mueller says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

  157. Rohan says:

    Congrats! Gorgeous wedding.

  158. Jim says:

    He shoots…he SCORES!!! Go Blue!

  159. Tom Harmon says:

    Go Blue!

  160. Chris says:

    Go Blue!

  161. Dave says:

    GO BLUE!!!

  162. Ketan Desai says:

    GO BLUE!

  163. says:

    Go Blue!

  164. AJAX11 says:

    Go Blue

  165. Sean Moore says:

    Congrats! Hope you win!

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