The Beauty of an Image – Detroit Michigan Wedding Photos

Michigan Wedding Photos

The beauty of an image can be in many forms.  It can be in the shear beauty of the person or subject.


Michigan Wedding Photos

It can also be in the emotion or meaning such as the moment of a bride and groom in their first dance.

The depth of the meaning of a beautiful image can be something totally different.  The image below is one such moment –

Detroit Michigan Wedding Photography

It is the photo of the bride and her father moments before they headed down the long aisle at Weller’s in Saline Michigan.  To many this might be just another photo.  The fact is you can’t see the bride’s face and only a hint of the father – so why would this be one of the most beautiful images?

The hidden meaning of this photo is so much more.  A year or so earlier the father had experience a heart attack.  From his hospital bed he looked upon his daughter’s eyes and told her “I WILL be at your wedding to walk you down the aisle”.

These are the moments of our lives and why I feel so privileged to be able to capture some of your most important memories.

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