Best Photographer – Hour Detroit June 2013 – Party


Bonnie and I were so excited to be able to attend the party this year following the Best Photographer Award by Hour Magazine!


These models were on top of the Bar –Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010

Food galore – every restaurant from in and around Detroit were showing their wears.

Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010 Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010

The Happy Recipients


The theme was super heros – Bonnie elected not to wear her costume – but she can do a great catwomen impersonation.


Who doesn’t like to ride on Michelin’s?

Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010 Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010 Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010

The Killer Flamingos performed through the night

Michigan-Photography-Detroit-Craig-David-Butler-2010I especially love this.  As we were leaving we noticed this in the lobby pointing to the elevators.


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