The cord has been Cut – Please bare with us!

This is more of a public service message to everyone trying to access our main website at As many of you know we have experienced horrendous service with our internet provider and shopping cart system including inconsistent email send and receiving. The net effect has resulted in a substantial negative effect which can not be tolerated any more. Therefore we have been forced to move away from the company and as a result we have had to cut the cord. We are in the process of moving all of our website, proofing and emails to a New Domain.

What this means is that you may experience temporary down notices of our website including the proofing website.

Should you need to send us an email for the time being please send it to

We do have a new proofing website that will be going live soon but that may take a short while to get it right.

I sincerely apologize in advance should you experience any inconvenience.

Thanks Craig

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