Engaged to be Married and Feeling overwhelmed?

Michigan WEdding Photos Craig David Butler

Engaged and Feeling Overwhelmed?
Usually this time of year we hear from so many brides that are newly engaged to married. One thing that always seems to be evident is you are feeling overwhelmed. Especially since this is the prime booking time for Ceremony sites, Reception locations and Photographers. These basic tips might be helpful in providing a little sanity in what could feel as a bit overwhelming.

1. MAKE A LIST – making a quick list of the high priority items will be very helpful in figuring out the most important parts. We feel the most important parts are your wedding ceremony, reception and photographer. Unless there is sentimental meaning behind a date, it is best to check these three first to see what dates they are all open for before setting the actual day.

2. Prepare in Steps – As you get close to completing one start thinking about the next.

3. Ask people you know – One of the best ways to find out what to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do is by asking your friends and the people you are working with, such as your photographer or planner. These people have been at weddings more times than they would often like to admit so their knowledge will most likely be extensive on many aspect.

4. Sign up with a wedding website. If nothing else keeping track of your items or building a wedding website to keep everyone updated can be very beneficial. While there are so many to choose from TheKnot.com is the oldest and largest worldwide.

5. Most importantly when feeling overwhelmed – TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME and enjoy these moments.

Getting married is one of the more important life moments we will experience. Hiring experienced professional photographer with a proven track record is incredibly important. Remember once it is over you can’t go back and re-do it.

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