Bobby & Elena



Elena & Bobby
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2 Bobby and Elena


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  1. Beautiful shot of Bobby of Elena. Elena is a beautiful person and nurse on the inside and out. Very deserving to win!

  2. Craig, thanks so much for making Elena and Bobby’s day so special. We all had a great time with you and your assistants. The pics are amazing. I have had so many compliments. The same day video was amazing.

  3. Been there done that lol, I’m sure 50 + years it’ll be fun to look back (if you can see read) and see how it all started, I’m just saying

  4. Beautiful photos! Really capture the little smiles most don’t see on a wedding day.

  5. Craig you made yourself part of the wedding party that day and captured the heart of this epic love story. Bobby and Elena I love you two so much, I couldn’t be happier for you.

  6. The wedding was perfect, the bride and groom looked beautiful and the photography was amazing! I love you both………

  7. This picture says it all, the love and happiness these two share in this moment is great to behold. The entire album consists of moments like this and with the video edit that was done the same day, we get to relive those beautiful moments again, and again.

  8. These two make the best friends anyone could have. They are the most deserving couple and are perfect together.

  9. Most amazing couple and amazing pictures!! Thanks for letting us share in your special day!

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