Jessica & Anthony

Jessica & Anthony
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24 Jessica and Anthony

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  1. Holy moly! This photograph is: amazing astounding bewildering breathtaking extraordinary
    impressive marvelous miraculous spectacular staggering startling striking stunning stupefying
    stupendous wonderful unreal superhuman graceful elegant lovely unique and precious! The whirlwind of primary colors, provocative light and 18 century architecture truly capture this graceful couple’s matchless love and commitment to one another. The stained glass window adds wonder and a hint of mystery. Did you know the first decorative windows appeared in Christian churches around 400 AD??? The sweet embrace and placement of the bridal gown truly adds an element of tenderness. I feel like I am in the moment with them! What a captivating picture of two individuals in love. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. This is gorgeous! Those windows are one of my favorite things about our church and to have such a stunning photo taken with them just magnifies the elegance and breathtaking beauty of the whole photo. You two are beautiful!

  3. This photo embodies what Jessie and Anthony have found in each other…
    true love!

  4. To know this beautiful couple and have the photographer capture this……..just stunning!!!!!

  5. Wonderful to see a photo capture the love, warmth, and power of that special day. A blessid union of souls, for sure. “SHE LIKES ME 4 ME!!!1” –the groom, anthony

  6. I think that picture is exquisite and absolute beautifully done and a lovely couple

  7. This picture is absolutely amazing! Craig David Butler really does a great job. If I ever get married I will be calling him.

  8. We are so impressed with this photograph, such a beautiful church! The stained glass is amazing.

  9. A strikingly beautiful picture of this couple at the beginning of their marriage. Including the stained glass window will remind them of their faith whenever they look at it.

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