Martha & Brandon

Martha & Brandon
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16 Martha and Brandon

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  1. Craig David Butler was amazing!!! We were so blessed to have such a beautiful day with the people we love by our sides.

  2. Martha and Brandon’s wedding was the most beautiful we’ve ever seen and it was all captured in such an awesome way by Craig David Butler. Never have we seen such incredible photos! They couldn’t have chosen anyone better to make this day live forever!

  3. Beautiful day – and amazing photo and video remembrances!! Craig and his staff were superb!!

  4. WOW – is all I have to say to the beautiful couple and to Craig’s staff. The couple was truly blessed and happy and Craig and his staff were so polite and really part of the family!

  5. Beautiful couple, gorgeous venue surrounded by family and friends captured beautifully in their wedding pictures and video. Loved viewing the video during the wedding reception, how awesome was that! Picture perfect!

  6. Craig,
    You made our day! Our wedding would not have been the same without you! You made me look sexy 😉

  7. What an elegant and fun wedding. Enough nice things cannot begin to say how perfect everything and everyone was. One of the nicest weddings we have attended. A gorgeous bride and awesome groom and a great party. A true to life fairy tale . Loved the pictures and the video.

  8. I hope this counts as my vote for the most beautiful bride and groom. The photography was fantastic and the timing was unbelievable. They had a video of the day shown at the reception and the proofs were ready quickly

  9. A perfect rendering of a perfect day. The photographers couldn’t have done a better job. The video at the reception had everyone alternately in tears and laughing — a remarkable, stellar job! Thank you for making lasting memories of such an incredible day.

    You wouldn’t even know that there was a monsoon during the reception! The stars were definitely shining on Martha and Brandon. Or maybe CDB has an in with the weather gods??

  10. Aunt Christine here————–a terrific party for sure! A photographic masterpiece as well.

  11. Brandon = Hot
    Martha = yeah…not so much…..
    HA!!!! Love you guys!!! And love my new bro-in-law!!!

  12. what a fabulous couple captured by fabulous photography. So happy we could be a part of it.

  13. Beautiful! Thanks Craig you made the day more fun for everyone. Great same day edit, too !! How cool !

  14. Being a part of this beautiful wedding will stick in my head forever. I am glad Craig got my speech on video! Now they will have it forever 🙂 🙂

  15. so sorry i couldn’t make it, but so glad to relive this day through these beautiful photographs!

  16. you guys looked great as always! really impressed with the video at dinner and your pictures online were superb!

  17. rach and I had a blast! even though i got to take off the garter from your bros leg!

  18. mar you looked great! brando, you did too haha Jordan and I had so much fun! Best of luck on the contest!

  19. We love Martha & Brandon SO much!!! Your photos capture it all – perfectly and beautifully!!!

  20. Thank you for introducing me to Grandma Rez and thank you for the photos of all of us during the cocktail reception! A profound tribute to your roots.

  21. Congratulations from the Red Rocket Cafe staff.

  22. Your wedding was so much fun and the alcohol was great! My whole family was together and we welcomed in my new sister-in-law! And I looked DAMN good in a dress.

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